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  • woman slips on ice and almost gets run over

    Woman Slips on ice and Almost Gets Run Over!

    The winter season comes with many dangers, but who would’ve thought getting run over after slipping on ice was one of the specific examples. This woman gets pretty lucky as things could’ve gone worse! More

  • huge wolf approaches woman
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    HUGE Wolf Approaches Woman

    What it must be like to have such an insanely large wolf be so calm around you! This woman is clearly a caretaker or familiar with the wolf. Regardless, the casual nature of the interaction is impressive. More

  • stab proof body armor
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    Body Armor That Stops Stabbings?!

      All the things I expected to see today, a body armor that stops stabbings was not one of them. The PPSS Group has come out with an interesting body armor improvement with the help of Auxilam™ technology.  The best way to describe it is to simply watch the video!   More

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    Reverse Trick or Treating – She Leaves Candy in an Empty Bowl

    We’ve seen multiple videos of people taking handfuls of candy after this years trick or treating.  There have even been videos of taking the entire bucket with them. But, as a nice refreshing sight, someone caught a trick or treater taking candy out of her bag to fill an already empty bowl. Every small act […] More

  • Hot

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    Playstation CEO Very Optimistic of PS5 Performance

    In a recent interview with, CEO Jim Ryan outlines his many reasons for believing the PS5 will be a major success and fulfill many gamers expectations. The interview starts with Jim Ryan commenting on the numerous email requests he receives for how people can get a hold of a PS5. Emails from gamers in their […] More

  • furniture delivery truck stolen and crashed through fence
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    Delivery Truck Stolen And Crashed Through A Fence

    This video captures a group of protestors stealing a delivery truck and shortly after crashing it into a fence. There was no reason provided why the truck was stolen. The original source is provided below. Furniture delivery truck stolen and crashed through large fence at Trending Views More

  • Cyberpunk Delayed Again


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    Cyberpunk Delayed Again until Dec 10th 2020

    It’s basically a meme at this point, Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again! The previous release date of Nov. 19th 2020 has now be changed almost a month later to Dec. 13th 2020. The community backlash has been the same as usual, but many fans are acting casual about the delay. Most people are probably […] More

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