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  • furniture delivery truck stolen and crashed through fence
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    Delivery Truck Stolen And Crashed Through A Fence

    This video captures a group of protestors stealing a delivery truck and shortly after crashing it into a fence. There was no reason provided why the truck was stolen. The original source is provided below. Furniture delivery truck stolen and crashed through large fence at Trending Views More

  • microsoft-surface-3-laptop
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    Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop Gets A Discount!

    The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 has received some hefty discounts recently. For the base model – 13.5″, with an Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB SSD, it comes in at an appealing $800. This is a great improvement after the usual $1,000 price tag that the laptop has had on it for awhile.  […] More

  • mixer-shutting-down
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    Mixer Shuts Down Today

    Since the announcement in June, Mixer has been slowing dwindling in numbers as the anticipated end approaches.  After a month of streamers leaving the site for other opportunities and streams showcasing their future platforms, Microsoft has announced it’s official end. Even with the official end of the website, many are still waiting to hear about […] More