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  • furniture delivery truck stolen and crashed through fence
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    Delivery Truck Stolen And Crashed Through A Fence

    This video captures a group of protestors stealing a delivery truck and shortly after crashing it into a fence. There was no reason provided why the truck was stolen. The original source is provided below. Furniture delivery truck stolen and crashed through large fence at Trending Views More

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    Watch People Die Inside – The Best

    Some of the funniest moments to watch are people realizing how much they’ve messed up. Mainly because it’s so relatable and we’ve all been there! Here are some hilarious moments of people experiencing some comical regret in real time. More

  • Best super hero gadgets
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    Craziest Super Hero Gadgets Ever!

    Who doesn’t love cool gadgets? Also, who doesn’t love superheros?  This video goes through some very interesting inventions and gadgets that simulate your inner desire to be a superhero! More

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    Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands

    Dad jokes will always be around as long as there are dads, and there will always be hilarious boyfriends pulling pranks and being ridiculous. These are some of the best hilarious moments of boyfriends and husbands we could find! Source More