Playstation CEO Very Optimistic of PS5 Performance

In a recent interview with gameindustry.bizCEO Jim Ryan outlines his many reasons for believing the PS5 will be a major success and fulfill many gamers expectations.

The interview starts with Jim Ryan commenting on the numerous email requests he receives for how people can get a hold of a PS5. Emails from gamers in their 50’s to teenagers explaining their passions in gaming and desire to continue. 

This alone highlights the expanding demographics for gaming and generational expansion that gaming has taken.

As the years continue to fly by, PlayStation continuously adds the newer generations to it’s audience while maintaining many of the older generations, some that have been around since the company’s inception. 

This dedicated community is one factor that seems to be driving his opinion that the PlayStation 5 will be a top performer. 

What obstacles are being face?

jim ryan ceo playstation

Despite PlayStation’s very positive history, there are obstacles being faced.

What about the current pandemic with it’s grasps in every aspect of society?

How do you handle other larger companies acquiring important companies and titles, such as Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda?

Finally, how do you compete with such strong brands as Nintendo who have been having a very positive year with the Nintendo Switch?

These are giant obstacles to overcome, but PlayStation CEO mentions the many areas they’ve been expanding in years. Some examples are their growth in Eastern countries such as Germany and their increase in the female demographic, thanks to many titles focusing on female protagonists. 

Overall outlook?

Jim Ryan’s closing statements seem optimistic and it’s easy to see why. As people are confined to quarantine and there is less in person interaction, we crave a sense of community. 

PlayStation and other gaming giants are helping provide that community with the numerous networking opportunities online.

The PlayStation 5 offers an expansion on those opportunities in an already established community.

What do you think?

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